Your Children are learning to write right!


Your Children are learning to write right!


Children today are pressured into writing a few months into joining school! Let’s take a moment and think about this. Children join school at the age of 2 and a half years and what do they know about writing by then? A child who is only beginning to learn how to hold a crayon or draw with his/her hand is forced into writing words and they have to be neat too! Are we expecting too much from our children?

According to Hurlock in her book titled “Child Development”, the learning of skills cannot occur until the child is developmentally ready. Children gradually learn the skill of writing through graded writing. The first step is for children to become familiar with curves and lines. This is done through finger painting after which children use crayons, three-edged pencils and eventually use a five-edged normal pencil and are able to write numbers and letters of the alphabet.

This process facilitates the natural development of children with respect to writing by also gradually developing their fine motor skills. When we hurry the process, children are often pressurized. As a result, if they do not achieve what is expected of them, they soon lose interest in writing. What’s worse is that this will damage their self-esteem and self – confidence!

We take into consideration every aspect of a child’s development. We want all children to grow at a pace they are comfortable with and we trust that children will pick up that pencil and write when they are ready! ThinkRooms facilitate a smooth process for overall development of the child! So, don’t worry! Your child is learning to write right!