Assessment is an integral part of your child’s ThinkRoom


Assessment is an integral part of your child’s ThinkRoom


The term ‘assessment’ in schools has for years been associated with tests and examinations all over the world. With undue focus on exams and pressure on children to excel in them, students have been taught keeping in mind the test rather than being tested on what they have learnt and understood. As a result of this, checking for conceptual understanding of a topic/subject takes a backseat.

The concept of assessing children during the teaching-learning process becomes important here. Eminent educators, Black & Wiliam, defined assessment as any activity undertaken by teachers that provide them with information/feedback to modify their teaching and learning activities. When this information is used to adapt teaching methods to help improve student understanding, it is termed as ‘formative assessment’. In simpler words, assessment can occur within the classroom during the teaching-learning process as long as teachers identify assessment opportunities, observe students on their understanding, and arrive at conclusions on whether the child has understood the concept or not. The teacher can then alter her/his teaching methods to ensure the child learns better.

Chrysalis ThinkRoom makes it easier for the teacher to conduct formative assessment by already providing assessment opportunities in the Studio! How? The Studios have ‘spaces for expression’ where children are encouraged to express their conceptual understanding and other skills (An example is shown on the left). The teacher can now concentrate on observing students’ spaces for expression and documenting the observations. She/he will then be able to draw conclusions on the child’s understanding, and this can result in two actions – either changes in teaching methods, or feedback to the child.