Your children are developing holistically!


Your children are developing holistically!

Isolated development of skills and knowledge is not only unnatural, but also not beneficial to children. In Chrysalis KG, equitable importance is given to all domains of development – Cognitive, Physical, Socio-emotional and Language. Children learn and develop skills through Learning Experiences.

Learning Experiences are specifically designed activities with clear objectives and learning goals. Most concepts taught to children are facilitated through learning experiences that focus on achieving objectives related to all four domains of development. Through learning experiences, children understand concepts as they are made relevant to their daily lives.

For instance, the learning experience on Clean and Dirty involves all the four domains of development. For the cognitive domain, children are able to differentiate between clean and dirty; socio-emotional domain, children share information and thoughts, accept responsibility; physical domain, both fine motor and gross motor skills are developed through active participation; and lastly, language, children are able to state what is dirty and clean!

Your children benefit from these experiences as they become more confident about their skills and knowledge. They will be able to extend their learning outside their schools and grow to become independent learners. And most importantly, children have fun while they learn!