Your children are making real world connections


Your children are making real world connections


What makes learning enduring? Well, one can repeat the same task or read the same points repeatedly until they remain forever embedded in our conscience. But is that the goal of learning? Enduring understanding and long term learning, in a classroom, can happen when one sees the connection between what exists in the pages of the book and the world around.

Your children are making those connections every day. Whether learning about fractions in Maths or maps in Social Studies, your children are asked to Look Around and discover how what they are learning in their ThinkRooms can also be found in their very own environment.

In every lesson in My Studio, there is a Look Around component. It features the trademark bee holding a pair of binoculars. The purpose of this component is to unlock an important facet of thinking – that which makes real world connections with what is being learnt. Suddenly, your children realise that the topics they are learning can have implications in almost every aspect of their lives. It helps children understand the need and the importance of what they are learning. This knowledge alone can help elevate a topic to one that is both educational as well as exciting, and even adventurous! And the stronger these connections are, the more they will help reinforce topics, as the journey of learning continues no matter where they are. The world is their oyster!