Your child is learning English organically


Your child is learning English organically


Learning a language is quite difference from learning concepts in many other subjects. This is because many key elements of a language cannot exist in isolation or as disparate entities. A language like English contains many nuances that cover a spectrum of application, from nouns and verbs to rhymes schemes and phonics.

In your child’s ThinkRoom, English learning follows a natural gradation – LSRW. The order of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing holds a special place because it follows the natural arch of language development in children. Even concepts relating to grammar have been specially combined to consider this organic approach to language learning. You won’t find one chapter on nouns alone. Instead, the concept of nouns will be peppered throughout the topics along with other concepts. This is because these grammatical topics do not work independently from each other. In order to string a sentence together, there are many concepts a child must be clear with – prepositions, plurals, tenses etc.

Your child’s teacher is also aware of this progression, and this helps the teacher further enhance the understanding of these concepts. My Studio and Companion are filled with several spaces for expression, where your child can put these concepts into practice, and sometimes without even realizing it. Every piece of writing offers the teacher a way to formatively assess the level of concept development in your child. And because the learning occurs through a natural and organic progression, your child will develop a stronger and richer repository of English language skills.