Your children are learning with projects!


Your children are learning with projects!

Ever wondered how inventions and discoveries are made? How did scientists test their theories and prove their hypothesis? All of this was made possible only when they were given opportunities to apply the concepts they have learned in their classes.

In ThinkRooms, students are given time after every lesson to work on projects. Projects are highly effective for students to take their learnings from the class to the world outside. They enhance key skills such as collaboration, presentation, communication as well as critical thinking skills. With these skills, your children will most likely be equipped to tackle real world problems and it lays the foundation required to adapt in a workplace environment. Right from kindergarten, your children
are nurtured in an environment that focuses on building these skills.

Teachers facilitate students through this process and give them feedback to improve and help them achieve effective outcomes. Therefore, through projects your children not only apply the concepts learnt, they are also involved in group work, and are engaged in higher order thinking!