16 years back, we started where the education system and the mainstream academic programmes had failed

In the last few decades, there have been two kinds of communities who have been the torchbearers of the highest educational outcomes in its true spirit. They have advocated and worked relentlessly towards building educational methods that bring out the human potential in the child.

One, were the kind who did this at a thought leadership and advocacy level, which included speakers like Ken Robinson, and researchers like Howard Gardener, who brought state-of-the-art educational frameworks and concepts to the world through research papers, books and video channels. The second were the alternative schools which made this possible at ground level, but for small pockets of children. These were schools like the Krishnamurti Foundation Schools and the Center for Learning in Bangalore, which required highly evolved teachers and campuses that cities of today cannot afford.

There was a huge and fundamental problem at hand - the education system was killing the human potential in the children in for 15,16,892 private and Government schools in India and millions of such schools across the world

For 16 years we relentlessly focused on finding solutions to this one problem. Starting in 2001, we did not make solutions that would cater to the society's pressures, but designed solutions that were essential for the child, ones that helped bring out the human potential in every child. We made it possible and practical for state-of-the-art research frameworks to be adopted into mainstream curriculum including proven educational frameworks from the western world like the theory of multiple intelligences, constructivism, metacognition, learning methods from the eastern world and frameworks developed through in-house research like the 4-Facets of Thinking and parameters of school transformation. For 16 years, aspects of these solutions were piloted successfully in over 1000 schools across the nation with continuous action research to make the solutions more effective year after year. 5 years back, we were awarded 'Game-Changers' in curriculum from over 68000 nominations.

This award was conferred by ET-NOW in 2012. Since then, our quest for finding this solution had only intensified. In 2014, we conducted a 2-year research on Authentic Assessment in partnership with WIPRO applying thought in schools. This was mooted to be the most in-depth study on assessment conducted in India. In 2015, Brian Waller, joining us as the head of Research and Development brought immense wisdom and structure to the curriculum. Now, after 16 years of connecting the dots —A new system of education is born.

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