We dream of an education system which brings out the extraordinary human potential in every child

#DreamForTheChild is a nationwide movement which calls upon every teacher, every parent, every educator, every policymaker, everyone who has a role to play in the development of a child to join hands together for a reform in the education system to bring out the human potential in every child

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Chrysalis is committed to inspiring a nationwide movement to awaken the extraordinary Human Potential in every child in his/her formative years of schooling. The impact of this educational method must be taken to every child in the country for a true reform to happen

Our 2017-18 roadmap to bring an educational reform is through 5 principal mediums

Policy makers

Advocacy to the Central Government and educational bodies

Government Schools

Partnership with Government schools to co-develop academic programmes in elementary education for Human Potential

Private Schools

Partnership with Private Schools through adoption of an academic programme for Human Potential


Empowerment of parent communities on the need and methods to adopt aspects of the new educational method at home

Open Source

Building a roadmap to making the intellectual property of the new education method open source and available to all (for responsible use)